How It Works

You have that red carpet event coming up and you want to look your best

Getting started is easy. Sign up on Outbeauty and start browsing profiles of beauty artists. Read reviews, ratings and services.

Start the conversation

Connect with beauty professionals using Outbeauty’s chat messaging system to find the right fit. Share your beauty inspirations and discuss your needs.

Seal the deal

Have a beauty expert send you a quote and a contract with the details.

Create your profile

Get started by signing up and setting up your profile. Ensure your profile contains information about you, your skills and your services for prospects to see.

Get the job offer

If you have a prospect where you match the requirements – provide them with a quote. Share your experiences and portfolio for them to see.

Work closely with your client

Use Outbeauty’s chat system to share updates and learn more about your client’s wants. Ensure the freelance contract contains all the details that were discussed.

Get a review and rating

Once you complete a job, send a review request to your client to help build your reputation on Outbeauty.